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Conference Series Ltd invites all the participants across the globe to attend 5th World Congress on Natural Products, Medicinal Plants and Traditional Medicines Singapore City, singapore.

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P R Raghavan

CEO Nanorx Inc

Keynote: Nurture though Nature. The story of Metadichol
Conference Series Natural Medicine 2018 International Conference Keynote Speaker P R Raghavan photo

CEO of Nanorx Inc has a Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry from Oregon State University (1979) and an M.S in Chemistry (1972) from I.I.T Mumbai, India. He has worked on drug discovery for over 25 years at Columbia University, Max-Planck Institute, Germany, Ciba-Geigy (now Novartis) and Boehringer Ingelheim. He has over 15 US and International patents and another 15 pending patent applications.



Metadichol (US patent 8,722,093 and 9043,383) is a Nanoemulsion of long-chain alcohols found in many foods that is present in foods such as rice, sugar cane, wheat, peanuts. Metadichol acts as inverse/Protean agonist on Nuclear Vitamin D receptors (VDR) (US patents 9,006,292, 8,722.093, 9.034,383) that are present in cells throughout the body to stimulate the immune system.


Metadichol ® is first of a class of unique nano emulsion molecules that are active against Viruses, Bacteria, and Parasites. In addition to acting on VDR it shows cross reactivity against other nuclear receptors and how this leads to mitigation of various chronic diseases like diabetes, hypertension etc. Gene expression analysis and human clinical case studies will be presented. Because it consists of natural components of conventional foods and has no known negative side effects, Metadichol has the potential to serve as a novel, broad-spectrum treatment for many diseases that confront public health today bringing th4e concept of health care for all at a price we can afford.